Mermaid Cupcakes

by Wilton |

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Intermediate 3-5 Hours


  • 12 Cup muffin pan
  • Cooling grid
  • Candy Melts candy: pink, vibrant green, turquoise, bright white, lavender
  • Mermaid silicone mold
  • Decorating tips: 32, 1A
  • Disposable decorating bags
  • White cupcake liners
  • 12 ct. Icing color set (brown*, teal, violet*, lemon yellow* & pink* used)
  • Icing colors: golden yellow*, leaf green
  • Pink sugar pearls
  • Gold sugar

  • You will also need:
  • Favorite cupcake recipe
  • Buttercream Icing Recipe


  1. Make candy
  2. Mold mermaid tails and starfish candy: Melt vibrant green, turquoise, lavender, pink & bright white candy. In another bowl, mix bright white and some turquoise to make a light shade of turquoise. Place all six colors in decorating bags separately. Pipe a little of each color inside mold with random sized dots. Let the colors slightly run into each other. Fill the flukes with light turquoise. Pipe starfish with pink candy. Chill in refrigerator about 5 minutes to set. Carefully remove tails and starfish.

  3. Make cupcakes
  4. Prepare batter and divide into 4 portions: tint 2 portions batter purple and green using color combinations. Tint remaining two portions teal and pink. Place batter separately in decorating bags and pipe random dots in white cupcake liners, filling to 1/2 full. Bake and cool.

  5. Tint icing
  6. Divide buttercream icing. Tint 2 cups icing gold using color combinations. Place in decorating bag with tip 1A. Tint 1 cup icing teal. Place in decorating bag with tip 32.

  7. Decorate cupcakes
  8. Pour gold sugar in a bowl. Use gold icing and tip 1A to cover top of cupcake with a flat swirl. Dip cupcake tops in gold sugar to cover completely. Use tip 32 and teal icing to pipe rosettes on top of cupcakes. Attach sugar pearls. Insert tail and starfish candy.


  • Icing:
  • *Combine Golden Yellow and Brown for gold shown.
  • Candy:
  • *Combine Pink, Lavender and Bright White for light pink-purple shown.
  • Batter:
  • *Combine Violet & Pink for purple. Combine Leaf Green & Lemon Yellow for green.

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