Mini Ceramic Coaster Cake Stands

by JOANN |

Item # 472066629P107
Intermediate 3-5 Hours


  • Cricut Maker™
  • Infusible Ink™ Ceramic Coasters
  • Assorted Infusible Ink™ transfer sheets
  • Cricut EasyPress™ 2
  • Cricut® heat-resistant tape
  • Cardstock
  • Cricut® heat-resistant pad
  • Cricut® standard grip mat 12"x 24"
  • Unfinished wood spools
  • Acrylic paint - red/pink/white
  • Clear epoxy glue


  1. 4 Cake Stand Coaster Tops:
  2. XOXO
  3. Insert 4 circles in Design Space and change size to 3.3
  4. Insert text box and type XOXO
  5. Using the Curve tool from the top panel, adjust the letters XOXO so they fit around the circle edge
  6. Place XOXO text over circle and select entire image
  7. Slice
  8. WILD 4 U
  9. Insert text box and type WILD 4 U
  10. Using the Curve tool from the top panel adjust the letters WILD 4 U so they fit around the circle edge
  11. Place WILD 4 U over circle along edge
  12. Highlight entire image and text
  13. Slice
  15. Insert heart circle arrow image
  16. Adjust size to fit inside circle around edges
  17. Highlight entire image
  18. Slice
  20. Change solid circle image to gray
  21. Then change each circle to a different color, according to what color your infusible ink transfer sheets are
  22. Set Cricut® to Infusible Ink transfer sheets
  23. Cut with the Cricut® and follow on-screen instructions for loading and unloading
  24. When all 4 are cut, peel away letters or images that are unwanted
  25. Using heat-resistant tape, tape each cut image FACEDOWN onto shine side of the ceramic coaster
  26. Turn EasyPress™ on to 400 degrees and timer for 240 seconds
  27. Place a piece of yardstick over your heat resistant pad to protect it
  28. Place ceramic coaster onto cardstock with image side facing down
  29. Place butcher paper on top of coaster back
  30. Press for 240 seconds, using light pressure
  31. Let completely cool (about 10 minutes) before removing any tape or transfer paper from coaster
  32. Paint wood spools. Let dry.
  33. Attach to coaster bottom with clear epoxy glue

Craft Hack Tips and Tricks:

  • Dust coasters before pressing and let them completely cool before touching

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