Learn How to Make a Monogrammed Magazine Box


  • Cardboard magazine box
  • Wooden initials (2)
  • Spray paint – red (& gold, optional)
  • Paints – lime green & red
  • Spouncer
  • Aleene's® Tacky Glue
  • Sandpaper


1. Spray the magazine box red, inside and out. (Tip: Spraying the first time with Gold spray paint results in a more even coating. The gold paint acts as a “primer”? essentially covering all imperfections and giving the final Red spray a cleaner and more metallic finish.)

2. Paint the wooden letters lime green, both sides, if parts of the letters will extend beyond the edges of the box. Sand away rough edges with sandpaper, and paint a second time.
3. Squeeze red paint on the palette and cover the surface of a foam Spouncer. Carefully create circles on the surfaces of the wooden letter that will be visible, once assembled. Allow paint to dry.

4. Glue letters to each side of the magazine box. (Tip: Stuff the box with magazines before gluing the wooden letters on. This will assure an even surface for the letters to stick to.)

Learn how to create a monogrammed magazine box . This is a unique storage idea and can be customized to fit your style