Ombre Dyed Leggings
ITEM # 1441933P22
Ombre Dyed Leggings
ITEM # 1441933P22



  • 1 pack of Rit dye
  • 1 pair of jeggings
  • Large stove top pan
  • Salt


1. In a large pot, bring water to a boil.
2. Turn heat off, add salt and only 1/4 of dye packet.
3. Dip jeggings in water and dye, top to knee. Let dry.
4. Add a little bit of dye to mixture and heat dye again. Dip jeggings in an inch or two closer to top then before. Let dry. Repeat this same process a few times, creating ombre pattern.

Make alluring ombre leggings using JOANN's do-it-yourself ombre dyed leggings tutorial. Create ombre leggings for yoga, working out or just plain style!