Pool Noodle Ornament Wreath

Item # 352493924P10
Intermediate 3-5 Hours


  • 2 Pool Noodles
  • 20-40 Boxes of Ornaments (depending on size you are creating: ex. 40 boxes of 12 makes a 3' wreath)
  • Serrated Knife
  • Roll of Duct Tape
  • Wire Hanger
  • Roll of 1 1/2" Grosgrain Ribbon
  • High Temp Hot Glue Gun/Glue Gun Sticks (for indoor wreath)
  • Strong Epoxy Glue (for outdoor wreath)


  1. Put together the two pool noodles to get the size you want. You may have to cut one down using the serrated knife to achieve your desired size. Cut the noodles on a 45-degree angle to join and duct tape them together.
  2. Cover the noodle in the ribbon to hide the color of the pool noodles behind the ornaments.
  3. Begin gluing ornaments around the outside, making sure to vary the colors. Then glue ornaments to the inner edge in the same way. To glue them effectively, set the ornaments where you want them to be, see where they touch and then glue together in about 3-4 spots so they are secure.
  4. Use different-sized ornaments so it doesn't look too perfect and all the gaps are filled in.
  5. Pile up ornaments all over, filling everything in and making sure that you can't see the pool noodle.
  6. Add a wire hanger to back.


  • Using quality, heavy-duty pool noodles will keep wreath from sagging or even falling.
  • Use a high temp glue in a high temp glue gun.
  • Remove all the metal ornament hooks. Point the resulting holes toward the back.
  • To keep the wreath from sagging, add a cardboard circle to the back, securing with wire.

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