Rainbow Mason Jars

Item # 2566522P1
Beginner Under 1 Hour


  • DecoArt Americana Multi-Surface Acrylics: Lipstick, Pumpkin Patch, School Bus, Turf Green, True Blue, Iris
  • Mason jars (3)
  • Water container
  • Palette or plastic plate
  • Paper towels
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • 3/4" flat brush
  • Jute
  • Scissors


    NOTE: Allow to dry completely between painting steps.
  1. Use paper towel and rubbing alcohol to prep and clean all three mason jars.
  2. Using 3/4" flat brush, apply two coats of paint to jars allowing to dry between each coat. Use vertical lines on both sides of jar (each jar has four) as guide and leave two sections unpainted (clear). Paint Jar 1: Lipstick/Pumpkin Patch; Jar 2: School Bus/Turf Green (see photo); Jar 3 True Blue/Iris.
  3. Cut jute into three pieces and drag each piece through paint with brush: one in each color combination from step 2, blending from one color to other.
  4. Tie corresponding colored jute to top of each jar.

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