Right Fabric for the Right Project
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Right Fabric for the Right Project
ITEM # 1479260P72
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  • Tightly woven, generally heavy & fabric-backed.
  • Durable enough for use on furniture. Many light enough for drapes & bedding.
  • Proper level of application determined through Wyzenbeek double rub testing long-term wear. Double rubs are the number of abrasions a fabric can endure without noticeable wear.

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  • For decorative pillows, draperies, duvet covers, bedspreads or tablecloths.
  • Patterns or woven designs with at least two colors.

  • For decorative pillows, draperies, duvet covers, bedspreads or tablecloths.
  • Solids are or appear to be one color overall.

  • For window treatments only.
  • Filmy, translucent fabrics, often with a soft sheen.
  • A decorative option; won’t ensure privacy when room is lit from inside.

  • Water-resistant, not waterproof.
  • Does not promote mildew growth; but it may grow on soils or spills that are not removed promptly from the fabric.
  • Manufacturer’s UV ratings provided in hours of protected sun exposure.


  • Vacuum upholstered furniture & draperies regularly with small brush attachment to remove surface dust. Dust creates friction over time & wears down the fibers.
  • Turn & rotate seat & back cushions periodically to distribute wear.
  • When spills occur, gently blot them with a clean, dry & absorbent 100% cotton cloth. Do not rub! Color from 1 fabric could rub onto another.
  • Home decor fabrics & trims can be damaged by improper cleaning. Check the Cleaning Code of the fabric to determine whether to use a water-based or solvent-based solution or to dry clean only.

  • To prolong the life of the outdoor fabrics, remove cushions from direct sunlight & other elements when not in use.
  • Hose down awnings & seat cushions to remove stains & dirt. Mildew grows on dirt particles & can work into the material. Keeping outdoor fabric furnishings clean while enabling them to breathe helps them last longer.
  • Store outdoor furniture indoors during the winter.
  • Stretch hammocks & chair covers over the frame to avoid shrinkage.
  • Remove acrylic cushions from their frame before cleaning. Use a sponge to spot clean with mild soap & water. Rinse with clean water. Dry completely before using or storing cushions.
  • Never wrap cushions in plastic when storing. Plastic does not allow the cushion to breathe & may cause mildew if there is any moisture present.
  • Spread a towel over the cushion when using suntan lotions or oils. These products can breakdown the UV factor and cause premature fading.

Fabric Terms

    • Fabric Width: Measurement of fabric from selvage to selvage.
    • Repeat: Distance, vertical & horizontal, between the beginning of 1 complete motif & the next.
    • Railroaded Fabrics: Fabrics produced with the pattern running perpendicular to the bolt so it can be cut & used on furniture without seams.
    • Fabric Content: Fibers used to create the cloth.
    • Country of Origin: Where the fabric was manufactured.
    • Abrasion/Double Rubs: Durability rating of the fabric & its resistance to wear & tear.
    • Finish: A protective coating on the surface of the fabric.
    • UV Hours: Specific hours the fabric was tested to resist ultraviolet rays.
    • Fabric Cleaning Code: Indicates how the fabric may be cleaned. W, WS, S, X or SW refers to a specific cleaning method. See below.
    • Category: Prints, Solids, Upholstery, Sheers, Outdoor or Linings

    • Fabric Cleaning Codes

    • S: Vacuum; spot clean with dry-cleaning solvent in a well-ventilated room. Professional cleaning recommended.
    • W: Vacuum; spot clean with a water-based agent. Professional cleaning recommended.
    • WS: Use water-based solution, dry-cleaning solvent or upholstery shampoo, depending on the stain.
    • X: Vacuum or gently brush. Never use cleaning agents; they may cause staining, shrinkage or distort the fabric surface pile. Professional cleaning recommended.
    • SW: Spot clean with only the foam of a water-based cleaning agent or with a pure solvent in a well-ventilated room. Professional cleaning recommended.


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Fabric Terms