Learn How to Make a Santa Vase


  • Vase with narrow center
  • Red spray paint
  • Wide black satin ribbon
  • Rhinestone buckle (or scarf embellishment)
  • Dashes – adhesive squares
  • Rubber gloves (optional)


1. Spray the interior of the vase with red paint. Do this by spraying lightly several times. Rubber gloves will protect your hand from spray “blow-back”? residue.

2. Attach one end of the black satin ribbon with a Dash square. Wrap the ribbon around the vase center.

3. Attach the buckle at the center of the ribbon, by puncturing two holes, through which you will slip the spike.
4. Secure the ribbon at the buckle with another Dash square.
5. As the vase is curved and the buckle flat, the ribbon extending beyond the buckle will not lie flat. Allow it to fold gracefully, securing with small pieces of Dash adhesive to secure the folds.

With just a few simple supplies you can learn how to make an elegant vase for this holiday season.