It's easy! Use your barcode in-store. Earn rewards automatically when you sign in online or in the app.
Woohoo! Receive coupons & offers crafted just for you, plus inspiration customized to what you love to make.
There's more! Take advantage of bonus discount days, birthday rewards, and other special surprises along the way.


Frequently Asked Questions?

What is the JOANN Smiles program?
JOANN Smiles is a personalized program in our app that's tailored to fit your own passions and interests. By completing missions, you'll receive rewards crafted just for you. Plus, you'll receive other special surprises throughout the year.
What are the benefits of using JOANN Smiles?
JOANN Smiles members reap the benefits with personalized coupons & offers, bonus discount days, birthday rewards, & special surprises
How do I sign up for the program?
To sign up for the program, all you need to do is download the app and sign in!
I've signed up, now what?
It's time to go shopping! But first take a look at your mission in your JOANN Smiles dashboard to see what's in your checklist.
What is a mission?
Every logged in user will receive personalized missions with a set of checklist items that are to be completed. When you've completed the mission, you'll receive a reward!
Where can I find my mission dashboard in the app?
Tap the JOANN Smiles banner on the app homepage, or find it in the "More" menu.
How do I use JOANN Smiles in stores?
Present your JOANN Smiles code at checkout to track your purchases and earn rewards crafted just for you.
I want to shop online, can I still count my purchases to my mission?
Yes, be sure to log in and complete checkout.
I want to shop online, can I still get my 4-H Reward Program discount?
Absolutely! Your reward card also should have an online code as well. Simply enter that into the ″promo″ field on® to receive your discount.
Should I use JOANN Smiles even if I'm using coupons?
Yes, the easiest way to earn rewards is to use JOANN Smiles with every purchase, whether you're in-store, signed in to, or shopping within the app. With or without coupons, you'll still earn towards your mission.
Can I still use other JOANN coupons?
Great news, yes you can! JOANN Smiles tracks your purchases toward your current mission, whether you use coupons or not.
I forgot to scan my code, can I still get the discount?
Unfortunately, we cannot retroactively give credit for purchases made without the JOANN Smiles barcode.
How long will a mission last?
In your JOANN Smiles dashboard, you'll be able to view your mission's expiration date, as well as a countdown to how much time is left.
How do I track my progress?
You can track the progress of your mission by clicking on the JOANN Smiles Dashboard link located in the JOANN app. Your progress is listed below the mission end date. If you do not have the JOANN app you can check your progress by looking in the JOANN Smiles section of your most recent email. It may take up to 24 hours to update your progress after you have made an in-store purchase and up to a week after you have made an online purchase.
Do I have to use the app to participate in JOANN Smiles?
Our app provides the best JOANN Smiles experience, but you will also receive mission and rewards via email.
What is a mission comprised of?
Each mission is comprised of a checklist of items. Once you've completed the checklist, the reward is complete and you'll earn a reward!
When will my reward show?
Check your JOANN Smiles dashboard for the date your reward will become available.
Where can I redeem rewards?
To redeem your rewards, head to your nearest JOANN store!
Can I use multiple rewards on a purchase?
No, unfortunately only one reward can be used on a single purchase at a JOANN store.
Can I get money back if I don't use a complete reward?
The reward will only work on purchases that are equal to or more than the amount of the reward. For example, if your reward is $10 off your total purchase, your total purchase must equal $10 or more.
How does this program work with other coupons and rewards programs?
This program is all-inclusive and works seamlessly with all other existing JOANN coupons and programs. We encourage you to use JOANN Smiles on every purchase, whether you're in-store, signed in to, or shopping within the app
Can I use my reward and coupon?
Yes, you can use your reward and coupons on the same in-store purchase.
Do rewards have cash value?
No, but you may take the coupon to any JOANN store and use it towards your next purchase.
What is the difference between JOANN Smiles rewards and the ones I used to be offered via my email?
JOANN Smiles is an expansion on the rewards you used to receive and so much more! This program celebrates you as an individual customer by offering personalized missions, rewards, special surprises, and even inspiration and products based on what you love. Plus, you'll now have the ability to check the status of your mission in our app!
Why don't I have a mission?
We're still crafting your JOANN Smiles mission. Please check back soon and we'll have you on the path to savings!
What can I use my reward for?
Your reward can be used on in-store regular-priced and sale-priced items. Rewards are not valid on online orders or JOANN+ orders placed in-store or online.
What constitutes Loopy Yarn?
Bernat® Alize Blanket-EZ™ & Big Twister™ Loopity Loops Yarn
What constitutes Fall and Halloween Decor?
Simply Autumn™, Maker's Halloween™, The Boneyard™ Skeleton Decor Collection, & Funkins™ Carvable Pumpkins
I still have questions, who can I contact?
If you weren't able to find the answer to your question, please contact so someone can help you.