Spooky Feather Bat Garland
ITEM # 2279513P111
Spooky Feather Bat Garland
ITEM # 2279513P111



  • Black felt
  • Scissors
  • Headpin
  • Black chenille stems
  • Zucker Feather Products® Lime Chandelle Boa


  1. Draw and cut out a bat shape for a template, approximately 6" x 2".
  2. Use the bat template, pin it if needed, and cut out 12 felt bats.
  3. Cut 6 chenille stems in half.
  4. Bend a piece of the bat (in the middle, the body of the bat) and cut a small slit, creating a whole, just enough to fit the pipe cleaner through.
  5. Poke the chenille stem through the slit of the bat and twist it back around so it is secure. Repeat this with all the bats.
  6. The boa has a cord in the middle of it. Wrap the other end of the pipe cleaner around the cord to attach the bats to the boa. Space them out evenly, all the way down the boa.

Stream feather bat garland around your home for a fun and spooky twist on Halloween decorating! Halloween crafts are at JOANN's!