Spooky Owl Trick or Treat Bag

ITEM # 3165880P9

Spooky Owl Trick or Treat Bag

ITEM # 3165880P9
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Crafting Time:
1-2 Hours
Skill Level:



  • Aleene’s® Quick Dry Fabric Fusion
  • Tulip® Dimensional Fabric Paint: Black, Natural Glow
  • Tulip® Fabric Spray Paint: Asphalt
  • Tulip Soft® Fabric Paint: Natural
  • Scissors
  • Burlap
  • Fabric tote bag
  • Burnt orange fabric
  • Felt – gray, yellow
  • Paintbrush
  • Newspaper
  • 2" Masking tape
  • Foil or foam plate for palette


  1. Tape off a 2" border around the bag.
  2. Paint a layer of Natural Glow within the taped area and allow to dry.
  3. Leaving tape in place, spray a light layer of Asphalt Fabric Spray Paint and allow to dry. Remove tape after paint has dried. Add a decorative scalloped border around the painted section with Black Slick Dimensional Fabric Paint if desired.
  4. To print the templates, click on the "Download Project PDF" button (above). Use Owl template to cut owl out of gray felt. Cut wings out of the burnt orange fabric. Cut belly out of burlap and beak and feet from the yellow felt.
  5. Cut out the “Boo!” template, trace it on to burlap and cut it out.
  6. Using Quick Dry Tacky Glue, glue the owl’s belly, wings, beak and feet onto the gray body. Allow to dry.
  7. Glue the owl to the bottom center of the painted square on the tote, so the feet are slightly off of the edge.
  8. Cut lettering from burlap fabric. Glue the two “O’s” in the center of the owl’s face above the beak for the eyes. Glue the “B” to the left of it the “O’s” and the “!” on the right to spell out “BOO!”.
  9. Use Natural Glow dimensional fabric paint to outline everything and add in details. Allow to dry.


A fun DIY project providing steps and supplies for crafting homemade trick-or-treat bags for Halloween. Craft this owl trick-or-treat bag online at JOANN!