Outdoor Play Tent

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Intermediate Varies


  • Outdoor Fabric: 3 1/3 yds
  • 3 Dowels: 5/8" diameter
  • 4 pieces of Wood: 1"x 2"x 6'
  • Stain & Sealer (color match to fabric)
  • Drill & 5/8" Spade Drill Bit
  • Saw
  • Sandpaper: Medium Grit
  • Brush (to apply stain & sealer)
  • Yardstick or Quilters' Rule
  • Sewing Machine & Sewing Notions
  • Iron


  1. Construct the frame.
  2. Cut dowels and 1"x 2" boards to length.
  3. Use a saw to cut the three dowels to 57" long.
  4. Cut the four 1"x 2" boards to 54 1/4" long.
  5. Mark and drill holes in 1"x 2" boards.
  6. On the 2" side of each end of each board mark a point 2" from the ends and centered side to side.
  7. Place the point of the drill bit at the mark.
  8. Drill one 5/8" hole at each end of the boards.
  9. Keep the drill perpendicular to the board while drilling.
  10. Test fit the wood together.
  11. Place one end hole of two boards onto each of the two ends of one dowel.
  12. These boards will be the legs of the tent. Set the dowel to extend past the boards by 2".
  13. Spread the legs, alternating directions, to stand the tent.
  14. Place one dowel through the bottom holes of the two legs on one side of the tent, setting the dowel the same 2" past the ends of the boards as the top.
  15. Repeat for the opposite side.
  16. This test fit will ensure that all the holes are aligned to accept the dowels.
  17. Widen the holes if necessary.
  18. Additional sanding to slightly widen the holes may be done with a dowel or pencil wrapped with sandpaper, a rotary tool with a sanding drum, or a round file.
  19. Sand all the wood.
  20. Lightly sand all the edges of the wood.
  21. Brush off all debris from the wood.
  22. Apply finish to all wood.
  23. Use a brush to apply a stain & sealer to the wood. Let the wood dry.
  24. Cut the fabric.
  25. Cut eight strips of fabric 3" wide x 8 1/2" long for the straps.
  26. Cut two pieces of fabric 54" wide x 54" long for the sides.
  27. Sew the fabric for the tent.
  28. Fold and sew straps.
  29. Fold and press both 8 1/2" sides back 1/2".
  30. With the right sides together fold both folded edges to meet in the center.
  31. Sew 1/4" from both short ends.
  32. Turn the straps right sides out pushing out the sewn ends.
  33. Press to keep the folded edges touching in the center of the length. Sew close to each center folded edge.
  34. Repeat for all eight straps.
  35. Attach Velcro to the straps.
  36. Cut eight pieces of 3/4" Velcro 1 1/4" long.
  37. Place each of the two sides of Velcro close to the ends of the strap.
  38. Alternate sides of the strap, so one side is on the folded hem side of the strap, and one is on the finish side of the strap.
  39. Sew around the perimeter of the Velcro to attach.
  40. Hem the top edge of the tent sides.
  41. Place the two sides right sides together matching top edges and corners.
  42. Sew the sides together with a 1/2" seam allowance.
  43. Add a zig zag stitch to the edge to prevent fraying.
  44. Settle the seam to one side and topstitch 1/4" from the seam.
  45. Press the side hems.
  46. Fold one side back 1/2", then again 1" and press.
  47. Attach the straps to the sides.
  48. At the side hem mark 16" - 17" down from the top seam of the two sides of the tent.
  49. Mark again 6" - 17" down from the first mark.
  50. These marks are the locations for the center of two straps per side of the tent and may be slightly adjusted to keep the print consistent from the side panel to the strap.
  51. Fold the straps in half lengthwise and mark the fold.
  52. Place the mark on the wrong side of the side hem at the previous marks on the hem.
  53. The finish side of the straps should lay on the wrong side of the side fabric.
  54. Sew the side hems.
  55. Sew close to the fold of the side hems, sewing over the center of the width of the straps.
  56. Sew again 1/4" from the first line of stitching.
  57. Repeat for the opposite side.
  58. Fold and sew the bottom channel hems.
  59. Fold the bottom edge back 1/2", then again 2 1/4".
  60. Sew close to the edge of the hem. Sew again 1/4" from the first line of stitching.
  61. Repeat for the opposite bottom edge.
  62. Construct the tent.
  63. Place the four legs onto the top dowel.
  64. Lay the tent fabric right side out over the dowel.
  65. Center the top hem on the dowel.
  66. On side at a time, place a dowel through a bottom channel hem.
  67. Place the ends of the dowel through the bottom holes of the legs.
  68. Repeat for the opposite side of the tent.
  69. Wrap straps around the legs of the tent frame to secure.

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