Pressed Clay Hangings

by JOANN |

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Beginner Weekend Project
  • Model Magic modeling material
  • Found objects (fallen leaves & flower petals, pine needles, twigs, etc.) (please don’t take foliage from living plants)
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Shape cutting supplies (cookie cutters, plastic cup, plastic knife)
  • Index card

  1. Roll out modeling material flat like cookie dough.
  2. Press found objects into the clay.
  3. Cut out desired shape from the clay (using shape cutting supplies, or freehand cut with plastic knife).
  4. Put a small hole in the top of the shape for hanging. Let dry.
  5. Cut 6-9 pieces of yarn, braid, then pull it through the hole and tie the ends together to create the loop.
  6. Add Tassels and pom-poms to the braided loop.
  1. How to Make a Tassel:

  2. Begin wrapping yarn around the short side of an index card.
  3. Continue wrapping until you have desired amount.
  4. End with yarn at the bottom, then cut.
  5. Thread a small piece of yarn through the top and loosely tie it.
  6. Slide scissors through the bottom and cut through the yarn.
  7. Fold out yarn and center the loose tie.
  8. Once centered, tie tighter and in a knot.
  9. Fold yarn in half and tie tightly with twine or same yarn.
  10. Trim up bottom of tassel to even out.
  11. Tie to a string hanging from the loop.
  1. How to Make a Pompom:

  2. Hold the end of the yarn on your palm using your thumb. With your other hand, start wrapping the yarn around your fingers (you can use 2, 3 or 4 fingers depending on the size pompom you want).
  3. Wrap the yarn around your fingers for a minimum of 40 times (the more wraps, the more dense your pompom will be). Don’t wrap too tightly because you’ll need to slip the bundle of yarn off your hand eventually.
  4. Cut another piece of yarn about a foot long.
  5. Turn your hand with the yarn bundle palm down and thread the foot long piece of yarn through your index and middle finger.
  6. Turn your palm up and tie a tight knot around the bundle. Make sure it’s in the middle of the bundle.
  7. Slip the tied bundle off your hand.
  8. Tighten the knot even more, turn bundle over, and tie a knot on the other side.
  9. Cut all the loops in the middle, around the entire bundle. But DON’T cut the two ends of the foot long piece of yarn (you’ll use that to fasten the pom-pom onto whatever you want).
  10. Cut around the pom-pom to make all the yarn pieces uniform in length
  11. Rub the pom-pom between your hands to fluff it up.
  12. Attach pompom to the braided loop.

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