Wedding Getting Ready Robes

by JOANN |

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Intermediate Varies


  • Sewing Pattern for Robe, (pictured here is New Look® NL6233)
  • Fabric for Robes: Crepe-back satin or similar, yardage based on pattern & size
  • Lace fabric to match solid
  • Sewing Machine
  • Thread to match lace fabric
  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Heat transfer vinyl
  • Cutting machine & mat
  • Heat press or iron & ironing surface


  • To download the SVG files, click on the links below, then right click on the image to save as an SVG to your device.
  • BRIDE SVG Click Here
  • MAID OF HONOR SVG Click Here
  • FLORWER GIRL Click Here

    1. Create Lace Trim:
      • Determine a pattern to cut around the lace motif of the fabric, creating a strip of lace trim. For the robes pictured, a 6" wide piece was cut. Approximately 3yds of lace trim will be needed for the hem and sleeves of each robe.
      • Use small, sharp scissors to cut out lace motifs.

    2. Sew Robe:
      • Assemble the robe using the sewing instructions included with the pattern.

    3. Sew Lace to Sleeves:
      • Measure sleeve ends to determine band size plus 2".
      • Trim around the motifs on one short end of a band of lace trim, and overlap forming a ring of the actual measurement of the sleeve.
      • On the right side, join by sewing around the motif edge. Carefully trim the excess underneath. Pin to sleeve allowing 1 1⁄2"-2" of lace to extend over the bottom of the hem. Place lace band seam near sleeve seam.
      • Hand sew closely around the top edge of the motif and 1⁄4" from the edge of the hem using matching thread. A small whip stitch is best for this application.

    4. Sew Lace to Hem:
      • Cut motif design on one short end of a lace band segment. Pin to robe right front opening having front edges even and extending below hem.
      • Repeat on the left front, working toward the back. Piece by overlapping as in sleeve band, preferably near a side seam. Sew upper edge and 1⁄4" from bottom edge of robe.

    5. Add vinyl decals to the back of the robes:
      • Upload SVG files to software for the cutting machine.
      • Scale art to desired size.
      • Cut art to heat transfer vinyl following instructions from the machine. Weed away excess vinyl.
      • Transfer vinyl to robes using manufacture's recommended heat settings for the fabric and vinyl types used.

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