Wilton Halloween Tablescape
By Wilton
ITEM # 3565881P150
Wilton Halloween Tablescape
By Wilton
ITEM # 3565881P150



  • Wilton® food-crafting supplies:
    • 4pk Grippy Cookie Cutter Set (Ghost and Bat used)
    • Cookie Sheet
    • Cooling Grid
    • Color Flow Recipe (found on Color Flow Mix)
    • Icing Color- Black, Orange and Violet used
    • 12" Disposable Decorating Bags (4 )
    • Candy Eyeballs
    • Favorite roll-out cookies recipe
    • Rolling pin
    • Toothpicks


    1. Make cookies. Roll out dough. Use bat and ghost cutter to cut cookies. Bake and cool.
    2. Color Icing. Separate Color Flow icing into four bowls. Color one bowl black, one violet and one orange. Leave one bowl white.
    3. Decorate bat cookie. Fill two decorating bags, one with black and the other with orange icing. Cut small point off bag. Outline cookie and flow in black icing. Immediately after flowing in black, pipe orange horizontal lines directly on top. Drag a toothpick through the lines, end to end. Attach candy eyeballs with a dot of icing.
    4. Decorate ghost cookie. Repeat step 3 for ghost, using the white and purple icing.
    5. Dry. Allow to dry for 8-12 hours before stacking.