Wool-Ease Hand Dyed Sassy Slippers

by Lion Brand |

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  • Lavender Honey, 2 balls (A)
  • Seaspray, 1 ball (B)
  • LION BRAND® knitting needles size 7 (4.5 mm)
  • LION BRAND® Pom Pom Maker OR a 7" square of cardboard or cardstock
  • LION BRAND® large-eyed blunt needle

To fit Adult woman
Finished Length About 8", length is adjustable

16 sts = about 4" in Garter st (k every st on every row).


kfb (knit in front and back) Knit next st without removing it from left needle, then k through back of same st - 1 st increased.

Each Slipper is worked in one piece.
Pompoms are made separately and tied to Slippers.

SLIPPERS: (make 2)
Beginning at heel with A, cast on 29 sts.
Row 1 (WS): K9, (p1, k9) twice.
Row 2: Knit.
Rows 3 and 4: Rep Rows 1 and 2.
Row 5 (Increase Row): K9, p1, kfb, k7, kfb, p1, k9 - you'll have 31 sts.
Row 6: Knit.
Row 7: K9, p1, k11, p1, k9.

Rep Rows 6 and 7 until piece measures about 6" from beg or about same length as foot from heel to base of toes, end with a Row 7 as the last row you work.

Shape Toe
Row 1 (RS): P1, *k1, p1; rep from * to end of row.
Row 2: K the knit sts and p the purl sts.
Rep Row 2 until piece measures about 8" from beg or desired length.
Next Row (Decrease Row): K1, *k2tog; rep from * to end of row - 16 sts.
Next Row: Knit.
Next Row: *K2tog; rep from * to end of row - 8 sts.

Cut yarn, leaving a long yarn tail. Thread tail through remaining 8 sts, then pull tail to draw sts together and close the toe.
Knot securely, then thread tail onto blunt needle and, beg at toe, sew edges together for about 4" to make the top of the foot.

Fold cast-on row in half and sew edges together for back of Slipper.

Note: This seam will come to a small point on the sole of the Slipper. Once you wear the Slippers, the point will flatten to become part of the sole.

Pom poms (make 2)
If using the Pom Pom Maker, follow package instructions to make pompoms with B.

To make pom poms using cardboard, cut 2 circles from cardboard about 3" in diameter.

Trace around an object in your house to make the circles - a can or drinking glass should work.

Trace around a spice jar or other small bottle or jar to draw a circle about 1 3/4" in diameter in the center of one of the cardboard circles.
Cut a pie- shaped wedge from the outside edge of the cardboard circle to the marked line for the inner circle, then continue to cut out the inner circle.
Repeat this process with the remaining smaller cardboard circle.

Cut a 10" strand of B for the pom pom tie.

Hold the 2 small cardboard circles together, aligning the cutout wedges. With B, bring yarn through the wedge opening, wrapping through the inner circle and around the outside edge of the cardboard shape.
Continue wrapping the yarn - the more wraps, the thicker your pom pom will be.

When you're finished wrapping, cut the yarn.
Then, carefully slide your scissors between the 2 cardboard circles and carefully snip the yarn wraps.
When all of the wraps are cut, slide the pompom tie between the cardboard circles and tie tightly in a double knot.
Gently slide the cardboard circles off your pom pom.
Holding the pom pom tie, shake your pom pom into shape, then trim any uneven yarn ends.

Tie a pom pom to the top of each Slipper.

Weave in ends.

beg = begin(ning)
k = knit
k2tog = knit 2 stitches together
p = purl
rep = repeat
RS = right side
st(s) = stitch(es)
WS = wrong side

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