Woven Yarn Headboard

by JOANN |

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Beginner Weekend Project
  • 4 wood boards - 2"x1" x width of bed
  • 4 screws, 3/4" length
  • Screwdriver
  • Quick grip glue
  • Scissors
  • Scraps of cardboard in various lengths: 10-24" (3/4)
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • 1 Roll of thin jute
  • Assorted colors of Big Twist Value yarn (typically, you will need one for each color)

  1. Create a rectangle shape with the wood boards. Attach the boards together with quick grip glue and screws.
  2. Using the jute and scissors, make vertical lines on the frame starting at one end. Tie them to the frame top and bottom about 4" apart. You will need this for support when attaching the groupings of yarn and weaving yarn in and out of the design.
  3. Take the first skein of yarn and wrap about 30 strands around your first piece of cardboard. While holding the cardboard on a flat surface, snip the yarn at one end of the cardboard with your scissors.
  4. TWISTED BUNCH: Take the grouping of yarn and twist it from one end to the other to create the twisted bunch look. Fold it in half after twisting to make it curl around itself. Rubber band the end together. Set aside. Make as many as you would like in the various colors of yarns and different lengths.
  5. BRAID: Repeat step 2 to create the next style. Divide the yarn into three groups tying at the top and braid the yarn into a long braid. You can make this braid as thick or long as you would like. Make at least 6 of this style.
  6. LONG STRAIGHT GROUPINGS: Repeat step 2 to make your bunch of yarn. Do not twist it or braid it, but lay it flat on the back of the headboard live area and glue it to the backside of the previous grouping surrounding it. *This is great for filling in larger area where you want the technique to be kind of quiet.
  7. Starting at the top or bottom, hot glue the groupings onto the wood frame. Make sure you overlap the groups so that the current grouping has something to adhere to.

Craft Hack Tips and Tricks:
  • As you glue the yarn to the frame, make sure you wrap the yarns around the side of the frame to give it a finished look.
  • Make sure you mix up the groupings in color, size and technique of the yarns. You don’t want all braids on one side of the headboard and then twisted groups on the other. You want the headboard to be a complete design as one piece.
  • Try to hide the glue by layering the groups of yarn from back to front.

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