Yarn Storage Hammock

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Beginner Varies


  • 1 Skein Big Twist™, Sage (this will make 58" wide x 48" from point to middle of wide edge. 2 skeins will be needed if hammock is larger.)
  • 1 Skein Big Twist™, Green (for accent color)
  • Crochet Hook H & J
  • Markers


Ch(s) - chain(s)
Sc - single crochet
Sc2tog - single crochet two together
Sl st - slip stitch
St(s) - Stitch(es)

Measure the width of the space wanted for hanging your hammock.
Using the size H hook make slip stitch and ch the number needed for your measurement of hammock.
Dbl cr in 6th ch from hook.
Ch 4 and skip 2 sts and dbl cr in 3rd st.
Chain 4, skip 2 sts, dbl cr in 3rd stitch to end of row.
Turn and slip stitch in the first loop.
Ch 4, dbl cr in the next loop.
Continue across to end of row, turn and slip stitch in first loop.
Ch 4, dbl cr in next loop.
Continue rows until you are at the end with one loop. Place a marker at this point.
Change color and change size of crochet hook to larger size. Attach new color into loop.
Single crochet along the side into loops. Work 3 or 4 single crochets into each loop. Spread the single crochets out not to make too tight or loose.
Single crochet to the next triangle point.
Chain 8 to make loop for hanging and single crochet into point for loop.
Single across 2nd side as first side stopping at next triangle point.
Chain 8 again for hanging loop and single crochet into same point.
Single crochet across 3rd side and stopping at marker, chain 8 to form 3rd hanging loop and single crochet into point. Keep marker attached to end.
For 2nd round, Single crochet into each single crochet of first row.
Stitch 8 single crochets into hanging loop and continue to single crochet to next loop. Continue single crochets around hammock and 8 single crochets into hanging loops until end.
Single crochet around hammock for the third time.
When coming to the hanging loops, omit going around the loops and single crochet at base of loop continuing around next side.
Finish crocheting the 3 rounds, weave in ends.

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