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Join JOANN in supporting 4-H to help create kids who
are ready to lead in their communities and take
on life’s greatest challenges.
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Current & Alumni members, parents of members, volunteers and
4-H staff can save 15% off total in-store and online purchases every day with 4-H Rewards. JOANN guarantees a minimum donation to National 4‑H Council of undefined per year until June 2023 through a combination of customer donations during campaigns, minimum of 2.5% of sales from the JOANN 4‑H Rewards Card, and C$ 0.99 for every yard purchased of custom 4-H fabric.

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At 4-H, we believe that every kid should have an equal opportunity to succeed regardless of zip code, race, or socioeconomic status. That’s why we work to provide flexible, youth-driven programming that incorporates hands-on learning and mentorship to equip kids with the skills and confidence they need to thrive. With your support for 4-H, you are investing in kids’ potential and providing them with educational resources, mentorship and a sense of belonging.

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We actually don't issue physical cards for this program, however you can access your barcode in a few ways. You can print your welcome/confirmation email that has your barcode and scan at store. You also can download the JOANN app and sign in with the same email that you used to register for your 4-H reward. If you already have the app, sign out and sign back in. Your card will appear in the coupon section of the app - just select it and scan at the register!
JOANN is a proud supporter of 4-H and by using your rewards, 4-H is rewarded too! If you're affiliated with 4-H you can receive 15% off total eligible in-store and online purchases. JOANN will give back a minimum of 2.5% of every transaction to 4-H.
Anyone who is actively involved with 4-H (generally this would include members, parents of members, volunteers, and staff).
To sign up for the 4-H Reward Card, click the "Sign Up" button, then fill out the form and submit. Be sure to input your county or 4-H affiliation, as that is how we will verify your eligibility.
You will receive a confirmation email shortly with instructions on how to access your card. The best way to access is through the JOANN app, which is available through the Apple and Android stores. Sign in with the email that you used to register for your 4-H reward program and the card will show up in the ″coupon″ area of the app. You can also register for your card within the app.
Simply show your reward card barcode to the cashier to scan. You can also show the barcode that shows up in your JOANN emails that indicates your 4-H affiliation.
This discount is not valid with any other Total Purchase Coupon; if a higher Total Purchase Coupon is available, we will honor that instead of the 4-H Discount. This discount can be used with some Regular-Priced Item Coupons and total savings will be available at checkout.
Absolutely! Your reward card also should have an online code as well. Simply enter that into the ″promo″ field on joann.com® to receive your discount.
Unfortunately, we cannot retroactively provide a discount on a purchase made without the discount card.
We ask that eligible participants (as outlined above) be the primary users of the card, however if there is a time where someone will be shopping on your behalf and presents your loyalty card, we will provide the discount and the donation.
At this time, the 4-H Reward Program is for current & lifetime members, parents of members, volunteers and 4-H staff.
JOANN does provide 15% off on most items, however certain exclusions do apply. JOANN also reserves the right to change these exclusions at any time.
As of now, you are able to use your 4-H Loyalty Card for 15% off for every eligible purchase (exclusions applied) until December 31, 2020. This date will automatically extend as the partnership with 4-H is renewed, with no action needed on your part.
JOANN is proud to partner with 4-H to empower and inspire kids and provide them with the tools and resources they need to move forward and reach their full potential. Many JOANN team members are proud 4-H alumni and want to equip all kids with opportunities to learn by doing, creating and making. JOANN helps 4-H, and its many community-related programs, through product donation and discount programs for current and alumni members, parents of members, volunteers and 4-H staff. Sign up for your JOANN 4-H Rewards Card today to start saving, learning and inspiring!

From January 1, 2021 through December 31, 2023, JOANN will donate an aggregate minimum donation of undefined to National 4-H Council through sponsorship, consumer donations, and portion of proceeds from select 4-H branded products ( C$ 0.99/yard of 4-H fabric). 100% of this donation benefits the mission of 4-H, to grow new opportunities for all kids and their communities, with support for local 4-H programs.