ArtBin 13" Plastic 36 Roll Rotating Vinyl Storage Tower

by Artbin |

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The ArtBin Vinyl Storage Tower has the capacity to safely store up to 36 vinyl rolls. Not only can you store your rolls of vinyl but there is a designated open space on top of the tower to store your cutting tools. Storing your vinyl in the ArtBin Vinyl Storage Tower will not only organize your craft space but will make it look even more colorful!

  • 13" x 18.4" x 14.63"
  • Plastic
  • Warning: Do not stack one storage tower on top of another storage tower as this increases the likelihood of the storage tower tipping over which could cause injury. Warning: Hold the base of the storage tower down firmly and rotate the storage tower slowly to reduce the chance of the storage tower tipping over, which could cause injury.
  • Imported
  • Assembly required
  • The ArtBin Rotating Vinyl Storage Tower measures 13" x 18.4" x 14.63".
  • With the effortless spinning capability it allows for ease of access to any of your 36 rolls of vinyl.
  • The Rotating Vinyl Storage Tower features an easy snap-fit assembly that can be set up in seconds.
  • The Rotating Vinyl Storage Tower comes in all white.
  • Made out of a durable white plastic that will withstand everyday wear and tear.


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