Image of Glowforge Logo. Make Magical things at the push of a button.
Handmade with love...and lasers.
Glowforge® is the 3D laser printer that uses a beam of light to laser cut and engrave your ideas to life. Make custom gifts or unique items to sell, create inspiring art or home decor, or add a personalized touch to special occasions and events.
About Glowforge
Glowforge is a Seattle-based startup that created the 3D laser printer. Glowforge’s wireless desktop laser makes it simple for designers, artists, and makers to take products directly from digital design to reality. Unlike 3D printers that use additive technology to build objects out of plastic, Glowforge uses subtractive technology to cut and engrave products from durable and beautiful materials like wood, leather, acrylic, paper, fabric – even chocolate. A sleek and efficient design makes this industrial-grade technology beautiful and affordable, and a friendly cloud-based app makes it easy to create amazing things with Glowforge. For more information, please visit
1265 Polaris Pkwy,
Columbus, OH 43240-2037
Natick Mall Level 2, near Lord & Taylor
1245 Worchester Street
Natick, MA 01760