Halloween Deco Mesh Wreath

Item # 3153868P299
Advanced 1-2 Hours


  • 1 large roll black, orange & green-striped deco mesh
  • 1 large roll green, yellow & purple-striped deco mesh
  • 5 Halloween floral picks
  • 6mm chenille stems, green or black
  • Ribbon, 1 roll ea: striped, polka dot
  • 18" wire wreath frame
  • Scissors
  • Wire cutters


1. Unroll 3-ft. of the black, orange & green-striped deco mesh & twist slightly. Gather & pinch deco mesh together to attach to wire wreath frame. Pinch & attach at five different sections on the frame using chenille stems. Deco mesh should look full & extend beyond the outside of the wreath frame.
2. Repeat Step 1, using green, yellow & purple-striped deco mesh. Add behind & outside of black, orange & green-striped deco mesh to fill in until wreath is full & wire frame cannot be seen from front side of wreath.
3. Using the ribbon, create two ribbon loops, like a bow, and pinch & wrap once around with a chenille stem. Secure chenille stem into place over top of one of the places the deco mesh is secured to wire wreath. Continue until all ribbon is used. Repeat with second ribbon roll.
4. Place picks around wreath. Secure picks using additional chenille stems if necessary.
5. Add chenille stems to back of wreath & twist to create a loop for a hanger.

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