High Waist Bow Skirt

Item # 3742819P6
Advanced 3-5 Hours


  • 3 yds 60" wide fabric or 4-2/3 yds 45" wide
  • 1 yd of fusible interfacing
  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Sewing machine
  • Iron and pressing surface
  • 14" zipper
  • 1 hook & eye


Directions are for Size 10. Seam allowance 1/2".
Cut 1 piece of fabric, 48"x34" for the front of skirt.
2. Cut 2 pieces, 48"x18-1/2" for back of skirt.
3. Sew back skirt pieces together, right sides together, but leave 5" not sewn in seam near top, for zipper placement. Press.
4. Sew front to back skirt together, right sides together and press.
5. On bottom of skirt, fold up 1" for hem and press. Fold up another 1" and press. Stitch close to edge.
6. At top of skirt baste stitch 1/8" from raw edge. Gather the skirt to 29" in gathered length.
7. For waist cut a 30"x8" of main fabric and interfacing. Fuse interfacing to wrong side of waist piece. Fold lengthwise and press.
8. Cut 2 pieces of fabric 11"x58" for bow. Fold each bow piece in half lengthwise right sides together and sew the long side. Turn right side out and press.
9. Fold one end of each bow piece inside 1/2" at a slant and stitch closed.
10. Sew one long edge of waistband to top of gathered skirt. Sew open ends of bow pieces to waistband ends. Only sew to outer folded side of waistband (only half of waistband).
11. Apply zipper to skirt and half of the waistband. Press.
12. Sew waistband closed on each end and use a slipstitch to close rest of waistband around waistband/gathered skirt seam.
13. Sew hook and eye above zipper, on waistband.
14. Tie bow.

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