How To Make A Red Heart Cupcake Pompoms, Bubblegum

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Supplies & Tools

RED HEART® With Love®:

1 skein 1704 Bubblegum, 1932 Minty, or 1001 White A, and 1 skein 1909 Holly Berry B

Note: One skein will make many pompoms.

Susan Bates® Easy Wrap Pom-Pom Maker™

Yarn needle, Cupcake holders

Making Pompoms

Pompoms can be made with a purchased pompom maker, or you can cut ring-shapes from cardboard. Cut outer circle ½” (1.3 cm) larger in diameter than desired pompom size, cut inner circle half the diameter. Cutting a slit on one side of the rings makes it easier to wrap the yarn without going through the center hole

1. Cut two rings from cardboard for the size pompom desired.

2. Place the two rings together with slits aligned. Wind yarn through the center and around the rings to fill the hole. The more yarn you wind, the fuller the pompom will be.

3. With sharp scissors, stick point between the outer edges of cardboard rings and cut yarn; keep scissors between the two cardboard layers as you cut all the way around.

4. Take two 10” (25 cm)-long strands of yarn and slip between rings; tie as tightly as you can. Knot securely. Remove rings. Trim to preferred size and roundness; leave tie-off strands long.


Using color A of your choice, make as many cupcake pompoms as you need usi ng the 3.5” (9 cm) pompom maker. Trim to preferred roundness; leave tieoff strands long.


With B, make the same amount of pompoms as you have cupcakes with the 1” (3 cm) pompom maker. Trim to preferred roundness; leave tie-off strands long.


With yarn needle, thread tail of a cherry pompom through the center of each cupcake pompom. Tie all tails together close to center of cupcake pompom. Trim tails, tape or glue base of pompom to cupcake holders.


cm = centimeter

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